Frequently Asked Questions

Once we are notified about a certain patient requiring help, we immediately take full responsibility for the well-being of that patient. We offer the end to end solution for the patient. From transport from the initial accident scene all the way to the discharge once they are fit to go home.

MMA delivers on constant communication concerning the patients well-being. With our experience and knowledge with hospitals in South Africa we will make sure that you and the patients family receive the medical update’s we all require.

That is MMA’s primary objective. An end to end solution for foreign medical insurance companies. By handling your patients case in the sub-Saharan region. Our extensive knowledge of the medical scene is what will help your patients live through these terrible and tragic times.

MMA is a 24/7 company that boasts a team with credible experience in the medical assistance sector. Not only is the managing director well versed with the medical scene we too have a case manager in the form of a sister who helps with medical updates. On top of this it is our strength in the network of stakeholders in the sub-Saharan region that contributes to our success.

MMA makes sure that the patients medical case is monitored and consolidated before we send it off to you once the patient is allowed to leave the medical centre. With our knowledge of medical pricing we will try our very best to negotiate the case cost for you. Constant communication will be sent to you regarding any costs involved.