With our core objective to ensure the well-being of foreigners visiting the sub-Saharan region who befell to injury we offer our clients to opportunity to be onboard with a dynamic and professional medical assistance company

It’s important to determine our success with the amount of lives we’ve impacted, patients are yours just as much as they ours. Our vast experience in Africa that includes hospitals, doctors, medical routes, emergency evacuations, medical trauma facilities are where we’ll make sure your patient in our hands, are taken care of. We pride ourselves in prompt and fast response to any situation. Our continuous feedback and communication to all relevant parties is of utmost importance during these crucial times.

Let us look further to each of the benefits, you as our client, can expect from us.

Emergency medical assistance service

Dealing with someone who is ill, disabled or compromised, in Africa, can be a challenge at the best of times. Finding a satisfactory, cost effective solution can be even more of a challenge. At Meridian Medical Assistance, we take pride in providing the most effective assistance anywhere, anytime.

Case management

Medical follow-up on a daily basis to ensure that the patient is receiving the correct treatment, and to rule out unnecessary investigations by various doctors;

Medical updates

These will be sent to your offices as we receive them, as well as all final closing medical reports once the patient has been discharged. This will be provided by our registered nurse – case manager;

Regular contact

By a company representative to ensure the patient is comfortable and to deal with any unforeseen issues;


° Air Ambulance – we are able to access professional
air ambulance operations for fast and effective response.
° PDP and public liability certified drivers;
° Road Ambulance – We have access to many privately
owned road ambulance companies.
° Medical Helicopters
° Commercial Flights – We are in a position to provide doctors, medical nurse and paramedics as medical escorts.
° Car rental

Medical consultations, admissions and out-patient treatment

Direct admissions can be arranged 24/7 in any three major hospital groups or private clinics. We are in a position to arrange out-patient treatment utilizing our network of professionals and emergency rooms.